Wicker Rattan Furniture adds some charm to your home

Wicker is a natural material that has been in use for thousands of years. It was the Egyptians that first used the woven plant fibres known today as wicker.

As wicker gained popularity from the 1800s, people discovered new materials to make their wicker from.  This resulted in wicker rattan furniture being very popper during the Arts and Crafts movement.


Nowadays, rattan is primarily found in Asia and nearly all Wicker Furniture sold is hand woven and sent around the world from Southeast Asia. Once the weaved items reach their destinations, they are carefully inspected for any flaws and tested for durability. They are they assembled into the final pieces of furniture and stained different colours and then weatherproofed. If you wish to have a cushion pad covering the seats of your wicker rattan furniture, these are generally custom made to match the exact specifications of the furniture piece.

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